Wicked Fast Flippers … Not Wicked Fast Droppers

Angey Holt

Posted on May 08 2018

Over the last few months, I have had a number of great conversations with Specter owners about how their individual knives drop compared to other knives - even some other Specters.  This seemed like a great first blog/FAQ topic to go over with a broader audience as it really comes down to a design choice and preference.  

Our goal is that each knife has a wicked fast flip, with a nice smooth-not wicked fast-drop.  It is a design choice we have made and we have chosen this conservative approach for 2 simple reasons …

  • To disengage the lock, a thumb is typically placed in the path of the closing blade.  Having a free falling, wicked edge blade, charging towards that thumb does not seem like the wisest choice.
  • There is no mechanical advantage to a fast dropping blade.  In our knives, one factor in how quickly the blade drops is the amount of spring tension applied from the lockbar, and higher spring tensions keep the lock more secure. 

The ideal we strive for with blade closure is a silky smooth, precise and overall solid feeling.

One tidbit you might find interesting is that early Specters (~115) exhibited different drops speeds based on the handle pattern selected.  The Satin Pinstripes fell the fastest, Starbursts had the most hydraulic feel, and Pinstripes were right in the middle.  This effect was a direct result of the pattern thickness found on the lock bar.  The Starburst pattern resulted in a lot of extra material being left on the lock bar, which created more spring force against the blade.  In our opinion, the Pinstripes had the best overall feeling and we have adjusted our machining to put all of the handle patterns closer to this midpoint.  

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