Releasing Knives into the Wild

Angey Holt

Posted on January 16 2021

For the past 3 years we have almost exclusively sold all our knives via random/unscheduled lotteries on Facebook and Instagram.  We recently made a decision to take a break from social media and hopefully be more predictable in how we release knives.

Our current plan is to do scheduled larger drops on our website.  We have done a few test runs over the past few months, and for the most part they went smoothly.  We do still have some improvements to make to the process and will work those in as we move forward.  

Future knife drops will be found under the "Shop-Scheduled Knife Drops" on the menu.  Our first scheduled drop will be on 01/18/2021 @ 4:00PM CST.

My goal for future drops is to find a way to make it work similar to the scheduled Sunday morning lotteries we had on Facebook in The Pride group.  That is going to take a bit of extra time/work on my end to get setup.  For those of you not familiar with that process here is how it worked ... There was a set time each Sunday morning where you could enter the lottery.  When the time ran out, I randomly drew X names out of those entered.  Those drawn, were given access to a private page where they could select a knife out of those available.  I think we can do a lot of this automatically where the website draws and sends out the invite.  That should hopefully make the process a bit smoother for everyone involved.

Any questions, comments, concerns? 

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  • Dave Szem: January 17, 2021

    Sounds like a great plan. Can’t wait to see how this goes. It’s great to see your working on a way around “cart sniping”. Y’all are always improving and kicking it up a notch. Thanks for the update!

  • Kenyon D. Ventus: January 17, 2021

    Obligatory “in” post. Will be refreshing like crazy on the 18th hoping to score something!

  • Jeff Paice: January 17, 2021

    I think you’ve always done a good job at trying to be fair and keep everyone happy in an environment where demand outweighs supply. You’ll always have someone that is unhappy but if you stick with your good intentions you’ll be a success. I think your approach makes sense – everyone needs to be patience while the last few kinks get worked out.

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