Specter V3 - Constantly Improving

Angey Holt

Posted on May 02 2019

I started out my career in the world of Lean/Six Sigma/Tathem and had the idea of "constantly improving” drilled into my brain.  The common theme I heard through all of the process improvement methodologies is to listen to your customer and to focus on bringing them more value.  This is a theme that both Joe and I have been focused on since starting this knife making "hobby".  A continuation of this theme is the idea that our knives belong to the community.  Joe does come up with the design on his own, but then we pull from our customers and the community to help shape how we move forward.  Here is a short list of the biggest improvements we have implemented since our first Specter book opening in November, 2017:

  1. larger sharpening choil
  2. grippier jimping
  3. hidden clip screw
  4. adjustable detent system (patent pending)
  5. blade centering backspacer
  6. chamfers ... everywhere
  7. tighter clearances between the scales and blade
  8. 5 iterations of detent systems

The one outstanding request that we may look at in the future is the free spinning pivot.  There are some common, easy approaches to fixing this, but we do not believe they are the best approach for us.  One way is to insert a ball bearing into the back of one pivot screw and have a mating hole in the handle.  The downside of this is that the screw head can be stripped out if you try to unscrew from that side.  The other common way is to have asymmetry between the 2 pivot screws.  Maybe it is just our OCD, but our final solution will have symmetry between the 2 sides.  At this time, we are tabling the captive pivot improvement.  Joe’s brain is constantly churning on outstanding items, so I have confidence that in the future he will come up with a simple solution that we can all be happy with. 

Number 8 on our list - 5 iterations of detent systems - is really a result of Joe constantly working to achieve a specific feeling.  Over the last 12 months, he has been on a mission to make the Specter deployment feel like the crisp break of a high end pistol trigger.  I cannot claim to be 100% there, because I know Joe and he is always making slight adjustments to get even better deployment.  I will say that the Specter now crisply deploys faster than ever before.  

At this point, I do not foresee a V4 in the Specter’s future.  We have been gathering feedback for the last 18 months, and have implemented almost all of the suggestions we received.  We anticipate future improvements to be slight adjustments and we will just roll them out as Joe implements them.

We hope to see you all at Blade Show 2019!

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