Frequently Asked Questions

Knife Availability

The most reliable way to know when our books are opening is to sign up for our newsletter.  At least 2 weeks before a book opening, we will send notification to the people on that list.  In the past we had a different newsletter for each knife grade, but we have since simplified the process down to a single newsletter.

The general approach we take is to open our books for one specific knife grade, and only accept the number of orders we can complete within a 2-3 month period of time.  That number will fluctuate based on the knife grade, and also our own availability during that period of time.

We do not have a long term schedule that dictates specific months and days that any set of books will open.  Instead we take a more fluid approach with simply planning to have one set of books open at least one time every 2-3 months.  This flexibility means we are able to able to open our books when we have material available and a number of pre-machined components ready to fill those orders.  Which in turn means shorter wait times between when and order is placed and a knife is delivered.

When our books open, we operate on a first come first serve basis until all of the spots are reserved.

The number we make will fluctuate based on the knife grade and other commitments we have made.  Both Joe and I have other full time jobs that pay our bills and support this crazy knife addiction.  One consequence of this is that we often need flexibility in when we have book openings and also the number of knives we commit to build each time.  We take a conservative approach to this, because we want to make sure we can always meet our commitments.

Every once in awhile we end up with a knife that for whatever reason, a customer was unable to pay to for.  In these situations, we will post the knife for sale on our "Shop" page.  If you happen to see a knife there that is not sold out

Upgrades and Maintenance

The detent system in each knife is selected and fine tuned to accomodate slight variations in the lock bar handle and the blade.  While we can understand why it would  be nice to swap a Near Mirror M390 for a Stone Wash M390 or a Damasteel blade, it is not feasible at this time.

Absolutely!  The knife would need to be sent back to us in order to be fit with the new detent system.  Reserve a maintenance and/or upgrade spot here.

Absolutely!  Most knives can be updated without sending the knife back in.  There will be a few instances where the clip width will be different and the knife will need to be sent back in for a custom fit.  Reserve a maintenance and/or upgrade spot here.

We currently do not offer a completely new anodization scheme on previously sold knives.  What we do offer is a complete refresh of the original anodization.  Reserve a maintenance and/or upgrade spot here.

We handle warranty work outside of our normal upgrades and maintenance work.  If we have made a mistake, reach out and let us know.  We will correct the issue and get the knife back in your hands as quickly as possible.