Knife Grades


  • 3D milled handles
  • Specialty handle materials (Timascus, Damasteel, Zirconium)
  • Custom handle inlay materials (Timascus, Damasteel, Zirconium, Mokume, Mammoth, Wood)
  • Precision sharpened blade
  • All of the options available in the Refined grade
  • Delivery generally within 8-12 weeks, based on material availability.
  • Deposit varies, based on the materials selected.

Ordering a Prestige grade knife involves a 2 way conversation, where we work towards creating a combination of materials and finishes that make your knife one-of-a-kind.  Most of the specialty materials we do not keep on hand and will custom order to fit your request.  The cost and availability of these materials varies, and the following price upgrades are provided as general guidelines of what some Prestige materials cost:

  • Damasteel blade $300
  • Timascus/Damasteel clips $200
  • Timascus/Damasteel spacers $150


  • 3D milled handles
  • Precision sharpened blade
  • All blade and titanium finishes available
  • Delivery within 6-8 weeks.
  • $100 deposit when placing order

Prior to opening our books, we pre-machine all of the components necessary to build a Refined grade knife.  Months before our books open, we are milling out clips, spacers, handles and blades.  We do as much up front work as possible to make sure the time between when an order is placed and when it is delivered is as small as possible.  This means that when an order is placed, the work that remains is down to customizing the finishes on individual components to meet the request.  We close our books when we no longer have material on hand to meet demand ... and the process begins again.

Utility - Discontinued

  • 2D milled handles
  • Precision sharpened blade
  • Low maintenance finishes (Stone Washed, Black Washed, DLC)
  • Delivery within 1-2 weeks.
  • The same flipping action found in the Presitge and Refined grades.  
  • The hardware and materials used to produce a Refined grade.

The Utility grade is handled a it different from our other knife grades.  There are no plans to productionize this grade, so there will be limited quantities available.