Makers Choice Lottery

The knives made available here are maker's choice and are being offered in their current configuration.  A separate lottery will be held for each knife.  To enter a lottery, select the knife and input the requested information.  

  • Knives available for lottery will be listed here each Monday by 7:00AM CST. 
  • Lottery drawings will be done each Monday at 7:00PM CST.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of individual lotteries that can be entered.
  • Duplicate email entries in a lottery will be removed and only the first entry will be considered valid.  These duplicate entries will not disqualify you from the lottery.
  • Blatant gaming of this lottery system will result in disqualification.  We have sophisticated algorithms in place to sort out and remove these entries.
  • Emails are only sent to the winning lottery participant(s).  These emails are typically sent out by 8:00PM CST.
  • Lottery winners will have 24 hours to accept and pay for the knife.

Specter 786


Handles: Titanium, Pinstripes, In the Nude Blade: Bohler M390, Stone Washed Clip: Titanium, Satin - In the Nude Spacer: Titanium, Satin - In the Nude Hardware: Titanium, Satin - In the Nude