Website Scheduled Knife Drops

When a release is scheduled, the date and time will be listed at the bottom of this page along with a link to the page where the release will be happening.  The link will only work when the release is active.  The release will either be classified as a drop (FCFS) or a lottery.   

  • There is nothing in place to prevent cart snipping.  What this means is just because a knife is in your cart, doesn't mean it is reserved for you.  The first person to check out and pay for the knife, gets the knife.

Drops - First Come First Serve

These are first come, first serve releases.  Active drops will typically have multiples of specific configurations, and the multiples will all be listed under a single product.  (ie: 5 Burnished, with blue anodized hardware and a specific pivot).  Once a drop link is accessed, an equation will be shown and must be answered before the active drop page is displayed.  


These will only accept entries for a specified period of time. Duplicate email entries in a lottery will be removed and only the first entry will be considered valid.  These duplicate entries will not disqualify you from the lottery.  Blatant gaming of this lottery system will result in disqualification.  We have sophisticated algorithms in place to sort out and remove these entries.  The names randomly drawn will receive instructions on how to proceed via the email address provided.  Notification will typically be sent within an hour of the lottery closing.  Instructions will include:

  • Link to a private page where available knives will be listed as FCFS for those drawn.
  • Individual, unique, one-time use passcode to give access to the private page and the FCFS knives.
  • Specific time when the private page will be available.  This will typically be within 1-2 hours of when the lottery closes.
  • Lottery winners will have 12 hours to access the private page, and buy one of the knives available there.  

Scheduled Releases

None scheduled at this time.  Please check the Facebook group "Holt Bladeworks - The Pride ( for unscheduled releases.